Top 5 Questions Often Asked By Customers

Q&A - We've compiled the top 5 relevant questions that prospective and current clients have asked us over the years. Here they are:

05.  How long has musicfitters been in the retail-music imaging business?

We started in 2007. Back in the day, it was USB/CD-R driven. 

04.  In the US, what do you choose? Ascap or BMI?  

It's more than just the two you mentioned. In the US, the major PROs (Performance Rights Organizations) are Ascap, BMI, Sesac, and to a certain extent, Soundscape. For the most part, you will need at least Ascap and BMI. However, not all Artists are with them. You will then need to subscribe with Sesac as well i.e. Adele, Mariah as far back as Robert Johnson.

and in Canada? 

Socan is king.

In other countries? 

Each will have a governing body that looks after copyright and copyright infringement. 

03. Is it just one fee to pay the PROs? 

It depends on what your method of delivery is. It's one fee to stream on the internet (if that is your medium), and another to play inside the store (performance rights.) 

02.  How about Radio? 

In most countries, it is perfectly legal to play music coming from radio. Rights have been assumed by the station you are glued to. It is different though once you're charging a fee to let people in, with music from a radio station, playing in the background. 

01Can we use Spotify, Pandora?

You cannot use your personal account and its corresponding playlists for background music in your store. One needs to get the "business" plan. However, it is purely music and has no production value. musicfitters will look after the music, licenses, and in-store advertisements.


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