Boost Sales Through Music

There's no denying that music plays an integral role in retail. It sets the tone, formally introducing the store to its shoppers. You've been to stores that cater to teens (loud with a mixture of Pop and EDM), Restaurants that play ambient music (sometimes too faint to hear), to instrumental jazz while riding the escalator of a mall. No, the music you heard was not by accident. It was programmed with you in mind - to keep you longer, to help you make a decision and purchase!

This is called "Atmospherics."  A practice used in designing store environments to project a certain image and induce certain behaviour. A term conceptualized in 1973 by Philip Kotler. Kotler also mentioned that the atmosphere is sometimes more influential than the product being purchased, in the purchase decision. Sometimes, the atmosphere through music is the product! 

Music combined with excellent customer service = retail transaction completed. But, it's also not just any type of music. It has to tailor fit your target clientele. The kind of format you choose can either make or break your store. 


1) Know your Brand - The music will follow. 
2) Daypart - Play more known songs during high traffic hours.
3) Try other genres if the one currently playing isn't working - Switch from Pop to AC.
4) Ask feedback from Shoppers - It's direct.
5) Add value by incorporating in-store ads or promotions - This tells your customers that you mean business.
6) Keep the music fresh - the more you have rotating, the less listener fatigue.

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